We recently flew with our active two-year old granddaughter.  It was a fairly short flight, only an hour and a half. In order to avoid or at least lessen any toddler melt downs, we did some prep work.resized_bento_box

My granddaughter is a morning person, she wakes up hungry and ready to go.  Since we had to leave the house at 4:30 am, to get to the airport, I prepared some food for her the night before.  I made up a toddler “bento box” for the airplane and a baggie of grapes for the car ride.

I picked up a square plastic sandwich container, I found them on sale for $.50.  I treated these as disposable containers.  Once we reached our destination I threw it away, along with any uneaten contents. However, you could save it for future use by tossing the remaining food and washing it out.  In the box I put two peeled and sliced hard boiled eggs, wrapped individually in plastic wrap, a cheese stick, a tube of yogurt and some grapes.  We gave it to her once the plane was in the air, it kept her busy the first part of the trip. esized_craft_bag

I also put together two activity bags, one for the flight there and one packed in my luggage, for the return home.  In a quart size bag I put a small notebook, some stickers, a few crayons, a container of cards (like Go Fish or Shapes from the dollar store) and a small book.  This kept her busy the second part of the flight.

resized_on_airplaneOn the plane, we talked about the sounds of the engine, the overhead buttons for the lights and air and we held her hand on take-off and landing. Things went smooth, we only experienced a little bit of grumbling, despite sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes after landing, waiting for our gate to open up!  Well, you can’t plan for everything.

Have you taken a toddler on an airplane?  What worked for you?

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