I watched my two granddaughters over the weekend.  In preparation for their visit, I picked up a couple of cheap calculators.  They were identical so I distinguished them with a drawing on the back. This way they each knew which calculator was theirs.  It actually helped prevent fights.

Immediately the 18 month old got “on the phone”.  I have no idea who she was talking to but she spent quite a bit of time with them.  I believe the three year old was texting, although I am sure I heard her take a call as well.

The funniest thing they did was insist on taking them with us to the zoo.  I figured it wasn’t worth the fight so I tossed them into the bag with the snacks and water.  I took a few pictures of the kids and the animals.  Next thing I know the oldest is digging though the bag – what is she looking for?  Her phone! She begins taking pictures of her surroundings or maybe she was taking video – I’m not sure. phone5a

Once the youngest was released from her stroller (because I wanted them to walk and get tired) she found her calculator and began snapping pictures as well.  Very enthusiastically, I might add. phone2a

phone3aIn the evening I asked my son what the time was.  My oldest granddaughter jumped up, found her calculator (to get the time) but then announced, it was out of charge!  Honestly, we were having a hard time not cracking up.  Then she found a short rope and said she would charge it when she went to bed.  Oh. My. Goodness.phone6a

So much fun from two cheap little calculators!