The weather was getting warmer and  I wanted to purchase a kiddie pool for my granddaughters. I was looking for something small and shallow, since they are both still little. My first thought was to get a small, hard plastic pool. You know, the blue ones that you shove in your trunk, bending it ever so slightly to make it fit or strap it to the top of your car. They only last one summer, they crack, don’t hold water anymore and you start again next year. That was fine with me, I planned to put it out for garbage pick-up, come September.

Off I went to the store with my youngest, who drove, because he has a larger trunk than I do. We walked the entire store trying to find the hard plastic kiddie pools. There was none to be found. What we did find were a variety of boxed blow up pools. I was hesitant, but my son assured me we could use the compressor at the house to blow it up. Since apparently I had no other choice, I selected a small one that measured 4 feet wide by 10 inches high and we left.


This turned out to be the best $10 purchase I have made in a long while. It was fairly easy to blow up (although it has 3 separate values – my gosh). I wasn’t too out of breath when I was done. There was no one around to work the compressor at the time! There is even a valve to blow up the floor of the pool making it nice and cushy. I turned the water hose on low and let her help me fill it. Playing with the water and the hose was part of the whole fun pool experience. I only filled it half way with water so when she sat down it went a little above her waist. She has played in the pool five times already. When she is not visiting grandma, it deflates and packs away. We have received hours of entertainment and lots of outdoor exercise for a few dollars. This was definitely a great idea and a worthwhile purchase. And …if it doesn’t make it – I will happily buy another one next year.

What type of kiddie pools do you recommend?