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I Want Sprinkles

Grandkids, Toddlers By July 24, 2016 Tags: , , , 4 Comments

Our three year old granddaughter was visiting us last weekend.  Saturday it was very hot.  She had woken up especially early that morning, so she ended up taking a mid-morning nap.  When she got up I suggested we get some soft serve ice cream at McD’s. I’m not a big ice cream fan but I was looking for some serious air-conditioning time.  My suggestion was met with enthusiasm from both the granddaughter and her grandpa.

Before we left I asked if she wanted an ice cream Sunday, maybe hot fudge? She replied, “I want sprinkles”.  Ok… I asked it a different way. “Would you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?”  Her response, “I want sprinkles”.  Message received.  No matter what, sprinkles needed to be involved.  I wasn’t sure if McDonalds had sprinkles, so I rummaged through my cabinet and found a bottle…just in case.  I tossed it into my purse.  I figured I could put them on the ice cream myself and she would be none the wiser. Off we went.

Everyone must have had the same idea (air-conditioning) because it was crowded.  I sent the two of them to find a table, while I waited in line. I ordered a cup of vanilla soft serve, inquired about sprinkles (they don’t have any) and waited for my order. Then, while at the counter,  I quickly and discretely pulled out my bottle of sprinkles and generously added them on top.  If anyone saw me they didn’t comment. I was pretty happy with my stealthy secret agent skills.  sprinkles-resized

The sprinkle topped ice cream was well received. She ate all the sprinkles and a little bit of the ice cream before she declared she was done.  After cleaning up her hands and face, she wanted a mint from my Altoids can. Since grandpa and I were not finished yet and I wanted to keep her entertained for a few more minutes, I told her to look for it in my purse.  She loves digging though my purse!  I heard a gasp and she produced the small jar of sprinkles I had brought with me.

She looked at me with a shocked expression and said, “Why do you have the sprinkles?!”


Moral of the story: Never try to outsmart a three year old.









Cookie Decorating with Kids

Grandkids, Toddlers By December 20, 2015 Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

Here is the scenario. You are trying to decorate dozens of sugar and gingerbread cookies. At your elbow is an enthusiastic toddler-baker that desperately wants to participate. She has the desire, but not the skills. What do you do?

Fail number one: Don’t give them a full bag of icing expecting positive results. Since most young children do not have a good understanding of “don’t squeeze it too hard”, you will end up with a mess. She squeezed the icing bag (too hard), it exploded out of the top and went resized-cookie-dec4everywhere. This picture was taken after we cleaned her up.


Fail number two: Don’t let her take control of a full sprinkle bottle. The first cookie she decorated came out 3-D. The innocent gingerbread angel was buried under 2 inches of blue sprinkles. However, we decided to do what Taylor Swift suggests and just “shake it off!”


The solutions:

Her mom came up with a brilliant idea. Let her paint her cookies. I dug around in my catch-all drawer and found a suitable paint brush. The icing was squeezed into a bowl and she happily went about her work.


Next we provided her with a sprinkle container that had chunkier sprinkles in it. It was the kind that has 6 compartments. She liked opening and closing the different lids and the sprinkles didn’t flow quite as freely. Another way to keep the sprinkles under control is to plug some of the holes in the top of a regular sprinkle container. Tape should work. I suggest hiding the tape underneath the cap, so they can’t see it. We didn’t get a chance to try this one, but I will next time around.

I labeled an empty cardboard box with her name.  When she finished one of her masterpieces, she set it in the box to dry.  Later, she proudly packed them all up to take home.


Our cookie decorating started off a little rocky due to our inexperience. But, with a few adjustments, it ended with a happy, satisfied child, who felt included in the day’s activities. Hopefully, our fails and solutions will help a little in your cookie decorating adventures.

Happy decorating!

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