When our children become adults, it seems harder to find gifts (especially within the established budget) that will delight them. I give it a good effort each year; I like to think I have more victories, than defeats. However, this year my daughter-in-law takes the high honors of presenting my sons (one is 25, the other, her husband, is 30) with a gift that made them act like 12 year old’s, when they opened it.

Nestled back behind the Christmas tree sat a large package wrapped in green paper and a big red bow. My husband, who is in charge of handing out gifts, was given instructions not to give it out. Once the ‘opening gifts’ dust had settled, the wrapping paper had been cleaned up and everyone was settling in with a cup of cocoa, my daughter-in-law gave the approval to have it brought out. Creating even more curiosity, she informed the group it was for my two sons. She then explained the process she went thought to find it, hide it and wrap it, undetected. They tore off the paper to reveal…the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Lego set from the Marvel series. They were thrilled.  Both of them are serious Lego and Avenger fans.  Plans were immediately made to put it together. Although, that process may take a while, the set has almost 3000 pieces! resized-lego3resized-lego2

Boys will grow into men, but Lego boys will ALWAYS be Lego boys!

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