My youngest son just returned from a visit to Japan.  He met a friend from college, who is working there as a teacher.  After a ton of walking and hiking, he lost 10 pounds, in 2 weeks.  According to him, not from lack of eating.  That is a new one – The Japanese Walking Diet!

He came over to the house, bearing gifts from his trip as well as take-out sushi and wanted to watch a movie.  I browsed Redbox real quick and found East Side Sushi. It had a subtitle –not your typical Mexican cuisine. Now we were all intrigued and it seemed appropriate – considering.  We rented it.

The movie is about a single mom who lives with her widowed father, trying to make ends meet and raise her daughter.  When her current work becomes too dangerous for her to continue, she stumbles across a job in the kitchen of a sushi restaurant.   She is drawn to the art of making sushi, as she watches it being prepared.  She studies the sushi chefs and teaches herself how to make it.  As she pursues trying to become a sushi chef, she runs into road blocks in this male dominated world.

We all enjoyed the film.  The movie shows her struggle to provide for her daughter, while wanting to do something more, not just have a job.  She battles with doubt, her dad’s opinions and the limitation put on her at the sushi restaurant. However, she is determined and stronger than she realizes.  Of course it has a satisfying ending – because I am all about that!

Unless you are fluent in Spanish keep the closed caption (or subtitles) on and just ignore the English.  They speak Spanish during a few scenes in the movie but do not translate it.  I know, right?  Maybe they thought it would be more authentic or maybe they forgot to include the translation. But, you will want to know what they are saying during those parts of the movie.  Its a small inconvenience and you get used to it.

If you want to watch a movie about determination and not giving up (without boxing, warriors or blood and guts), then this is a good one.



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