I’ve changed.  I am not sure exactly when it happened, but it happened.  As a younger mom, raising children, I used to be a bit more uptight about stuff and less patient.  I used to get embarrassed about things much easier.  I was more no nonsense and not always quick to understand.  What happened to me?

I became a grandparent!

People joke about playing with the grandkids and then sending them home.  However, we do have a marvelous opportunity to provide special and memorable experiences to those unique people we call Grandchildren.

Last weekend I put up our Christmas tree.  I was satisfied with just adding twinkle lights and several strings of beads.  But my husband thought I should put on a few ornaments.  I ignored his suggestion, until I found out my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter was coming over for the evening. I thought she might like to help me put on a few decorations.

I pulled out the kid durable Christmas ornaments (no breakable bulbs).  I left the hooks in the box, because I didn’t want her sister, who just started crawling, to try to eat any that we might drop.  We sat in front of the tree with the box of ornaments; she wanted to discuss each one as they were unwrapped.  She then took each ornament by its string, went to show grandpa, came back and added it to the tree.  She was delighted when she actually got it to stay on a branch.  I let her put them where she wanted – they ended up on three heavy laden branches.  It was fun.  I enjoyed it and I think she enjoyed it.  The next day, I brought out the hooks and rearranged all the ornaments, so the tree looked more even.


Twenty plus years ago, I did this same thing with my youngest son, when he was three or four.  However, at that time I was dismayed that he wouldn’t listen to me, as he insisted on putting all the ornaments on the same branch. We ended up fussing about it quite a bit.  I was trying to “teach” him the proper way to add the decorations to the tree! After all, it is an important life lesson, he can’t grow up and not know how to properly balance out all the ornaments on his Christmas tree!  Oh, my gosh…how silly is that?  To my embarrassment, he still remembers that event.

The grandma lesson I learned last weekend – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoying the moment is more important than getting it perfect.

Happy Holidays!

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