I watched this movie called You’ve Got Mail, I believe it came out in the late 1990’s.  It’s a cute, rom-com, in case you are interested. In the movie, Meg Ryan asked the question, “…don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”.  I would have to agree with her assessment (or rather, with her character in the movie).  I love daisies, white ones in particular.  They seem bright, cheery and yes, friendly.

Six years ago, when my son went away to college, he left me a great gift.  I didn’t find it until several months later, but it was fantastic!  One crisp, October morning I looked out my front window and there, among my husband’s “wild” growing ferns, was a bunch of white daisies looking up at me.  Not quite believing my eyes I went outside to investigate.  Sure enough there was a daisy bush growing under my front window.  Knowing this did not just randomly happen I asked my husband if he knew anything about it.  He didn’t.  Neither did my oldest son, which only left one more person to ask.

My youngest son, knowing how much I like daisies, planted the bush for me as a surprise. It was great!  Every fall, while he was away at school, I would look out my front window and see the daisies.  I would send him a picture of the bush and a text saying “thanks for the flowers!” and he would text back smiles and winks.resized-daisy

He graduated college a year ago and is now living closer to home. But again, this sunny, autumn morning I happened to look out my front window and noticed a bunch of happy, smiling, friendly daisies.  Thanks, Nate!

Which flower is your favorite?

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