I purchased a large package of To Go cups to stash on the shelf, under my Keurig. I wanted to provide an insulated, disposable cup to those running out the door with morning coffee.  Honesty, I did this because my kitchen cups kept disappearing out of the cabinet and they never seemed to make their way back into the house!   Enclosed in the package were a huge number of brown coffee cup sleeves. However, no one used them.  Once the carryout coffee cups were gone, I was left with this pile of sleeves.  Now what? Garbage?  Recycle?

I ended up tossing them into my granddaughters treasure box.  I figured she might enjoy playing with them.  They were ignored for a while, but then one afternoon she discovered them. The first thing my little designer did was to add a little color.

resized-coloring coffee collars

Then she decided they would make great bracelets.


Then she customized our bracelets while we were wearing them.


This was a fun activity and something that could easily be pulled out at a restaurant or doctors office, while you are waiting. Just keep one or two in your handbag (recycle them from your next coffee order), along with a couple of crayons and you are good to go.  Then, you too can be the hippest grandma, as you sport a fashionable bangle designed by your favorite toddler.