My husband and I watched our nine month old granddaughter last weekend.  Her mom and dad were heading to a marathon, in another state and took big sister with them.  Our youngest granddaughter is crawling now,  so I have to make sure NOTHING is on the floor and all the doors are closed.  She woke us up twice during the night (taking groggy grandparents about 45  minutes to get her back to sleep) but that is just how teething babies are.  She is good natured and smiling – we had a great time.

This morning I was reflecting on the weekend. Inspired, giggling and with tongue in cheek, this was the email I sent to my son and daughter-in-law:

Your Receipt

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent visit to the Grandma and Grandpa Weekend Spa.  I hope our guest enjoyed her visit.  At her request, she was sang to and rocked to sleep at night, as well as for naps during the day. This service was fulfilled at no additional charge to you.  She was hand carried to destinations though out the facility and was only left to get there under her own power when she felt the desire. Furniture was placed at convenient locations so she could practice pulling herself up and moving around, allowing her to exercise at her leisure.  The chef carefully prepared foods to her liking and she was hand fed all of these delicious culinary delights. Her sleeping quarters were temperature controlled and any uncomfortableness was attended to promptly. Tickling was occasionally performed for entertainment purposes. We hope our guest enjoyed her experience and felt loved, pampered and generally well cared for.

Payment for the spa facilities has been made.  We collected kisses, hugs and smiles at the time services were rendered.

We hope you visit us again soon.


The Grandma and Grandpa Weekend Spa