When my boys were little, my husband worked long hours during the week.  He left early and arrived home late. However, we decided during that time to make Friday night, family night.  We went one step further and deemed it “Pizza and Movie” night. So, on most Friday nights, dad left work at a reasonable hour to make it home in time for our special date. The boys would look forward to it.  We would cuddle on the couch (that was back when we all fit), eat pizza, watch a movie and then have discussions.  Questions like, “who do you think is the best superhero?” or “why did so and so feel he had to lie?”, were common.

When my oldest son went off the college, out of state, he regularly called home on Friday night.  He wanted to chat and then asked what we were planning to watch that night. He felt a connection (with possibly some home sickness thrown it), he knew where we would be and what we would be doing.  We had created a tradition. We have watched and discussed many movies with our kids over the years.  The movies allowed us to talk about stuff and point out examples of things that might not have come up in normal conversations.

Today, we are empty nesters.  Our boys both live an hour away.  But, if they happen to come over on a Friday night, their questions is, “where is the pizza and what are you watching?”.

What traditions have you created in your family?