My three year old granddaughter came home from daycare (called school) and burst into the bedroom where her mom was folding laundry.  “I need fingernail polish!” she declares.  My daughter-in-law replies, “What do you mean?”  She excitedly explains, another little girl at her school has painted fingernails and now my granddaughter wants GREEN fingernail polish.   My daughter-in-law informed her that she doesn’t have green fingernail polish and she will have to discuss it with daddy.  The answer satisfied my granddaughter and it was assumed the topic was closed (hopefully for quite a while).  It wasn’t.

Long story short, several days later my granddaughter did a few chores to earn her fingernail polish.  They went shopping and found a “kid friendly polish” in blue and pink, which included (much to my dismay) a dispenser with teeny, tiny little sparkles to attach to the polish.  This happened on the way to grandma’s house.  Grandma DID NOT know anything about it.

My granddaughter runs into my house, precious package in hand, telling me ‘WE’ are going to paint her finger nails. Oh!  Meanwhile her parents drop and run (they have a dinner date—chickens).  I raised two boys, they never asked me to paint their nails (braid their hair or dress and undress a baby doll for that matter), so this is a new experience for me.  However, I am  honored that I get to be the first one to apply polish (shiny blue) to my granddaughter’s nails.

I was up for this – I did the fingers in blue and the toes in pink.  Although, I never realized how small her nails were, I think the brush was bigger than they were.  My usually energetic granddaughter was very patient and sat still as I carefully applied the paint.  A miracle in my book, she even let it dry.  I was actually kind of excited and I thought I did a great job.fingerpolish1 THEN – she said it was her turn.  What do you mean?  She proceeded to paint the tops of her fingers with the blue polish.  Very carefully, I might add – keeping her fingers stiff and separated so it could dry properly.  Over the next hour she kept looking at her hands, admiring her work! You got to love it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it all washed off in the bath that night, expect for one blue finger nail and one pink toe nail.  Which she proudly showed everyone the next day.fingerpolish2

My conclusion is that my granddaughter interpreted Finger NAIL polish to mean FINGER nail POLISH.  She is probably reasoning the girl at school didn’t have a clue what she was doing because she only did half the job (just her nails)!

And yes, I did text a picture of the blue fingers to the parents while they were at dinner, as a comment on -“What were you thinking?!”fingerpolish3


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