We recently watched the movie Chef.  This was the second time, the first time was in the theater – afterwards we were famished.  This time I was prepared.  I made heavy duty snacks to eat while we watched, which lead to a discussion afterwards about movies that make you hungry.  Our criteria?  You actually want to find or make the food you see on the screen.

Here are the top 5 foodie flicks we came up with that qualify as generating hunger while you watch:


I had never even heard of a Cuban sandwich before I watched this movie. All the versions they came up with made my mouth water (especially the one in Texas). I finally found a fairly authentic one in Las Vegas, it didn’t disappoint.  However, the best thing in this movie was the grilled cheese sandwich he made for his son.  OMG!  We have actually tried to recreate it at home.  In the bonus material, on the dvd, Jon Favreau discusses how he learned to make it from a real chef.

Ramen Girl

Despite the actually story of her trying to finding herself, this movie makes you crave a big steaming bowl of ramen noodles.  Not the dry kind in the package from the grocery store.  After some searching, we found a really good ramen shop in NYC (Ramen Setagaya), we’ve returned several times.  Their bowl of ramen looks like the one in the movie, which is probably just a typical bowl of ramen but that is what we were after.

East Side Sushi

I reviewed this movie earlier in the year, you can read that post here.  Not only did we want to eat sushi afterwards but it also gives you a craving for Mexican.  I even wanted to eat all the strange sushi combinations she came up with.

No Reservations

Every time I watch this movie I want to eat spaghetti.  Nick, the sous chef, makes some for Zoe in order to get her to eat.  It looks like just a bowl of noodles and sauce but you know (from the way they cook) it tastes amazing. Then, of course, there is the tiramisu he makes Kate for dessert. Hmmm.


Yes, I realize this is a cartoon, but I had never heard of the dish ratatouille before this movie came out.  It looks so delicious and then, the restaurant critic has an out of body experience when he eats it – why would you not want to try it? After searching the web for a recipe that looks like the one in the movie (someone actually posted a Disney version), I made it and it does taste good.  However, mine didn’t look as good as it does in the cartoon!

I am sure there are other delicious, mouthwatering movies out there that I haven’t seen…yet.  One of them, that I missed in the theater but hope will come out on dvd soon is The Hundred-Food Journey with Helen Mirren. I have heard it would rank right up there on my list of best food movie.  I will have to wait and let you know.