How do two men feed a hungry baby?

My daughter-in-law and I went out of town for a conference last weekend.  This left my son to watch the kids (a one year old and three year old).  Usually it is my son who goes out of town for work and my daughter-in-law is left to manage the kids alone.  She is used to it – he is not.  This is how the story went….

We left on Thursday and by Saturday my son had arrived at my house with the kids in tow, to find grandpa.  I had innocently asked my daughter-in-law what everyone was doing – she responded that they were at my house. A little surprised, I asked ‘why?’  She responded (with a smirk, I might add), ‘he needed back up!’  What mom or grandma wouldn’t grin at that one?  And I did.

As soon as I arrived home my husband informed me how much my youngest granddaughter likes rice.  Apparently, dad and grandpa had decided to order Chinese for dinner.  You didn’t think they were going to cook – after watching the kids all day?!  I probably mumbled something like ‘oh?’.  Then he promptly pulled out his phone to show me pictures.  This surprised me because grandpa doesn’t usually take pictures AND there was an accompanying video!  I looked though the pictures, tilting my head sideways a little as I am trying to comprehend what I am looking at.  resized-eating rice4My youngest granddaughter is sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by rice, some on the table and some on her clothes.  Then it dawned on me.  I looked at him, a little surprised and asked, ‘you sat her in the middle of the table to feed her?’.  I am sure you already know the answer, it was a pleased, ‘yes’.  My son and husband sat down at the table to eat and instead of pulling out the high chair (yes, we do own one) they just sat her in the middle of the table to feed her and I don’t mean with a spoon.   However, she does seem to be having a good time.

My husband looked so cute telling me the story and showing me the pictures.  I just smiled and said ‘it looks like that worked’.  My granddaughter was feed and the mess was cleaned up before I got home. What else is there to say?resized-eating rice

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