Welcome to A Grand Journey!  I hope to share a little bit about my adventures as a grandparent and as an active participant in a multi-generational family.

I have been married to the same guy since before the internet, the personal computer and the microwave were household words. Together we have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren….so far. We have lived in the Midwest, the Southwest and now in New England. I home schooled my two kids for eighteen years. After the last one went off to college, I went back to school and got my Associates Degree in Business.

I like to bake but do less of it now that all my kids are out of the house. I pretend to garden in the summer, mostly growing tomatoes and figuring out how to keep the deer from eating them. I also dabble in crafty things now and again.

I hope you find something funny, interesting or inspiring as you following along on my grand journey.




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