All the holiday gear is safely packed away for another year.  After I removed the green macramé Christmas tree I had hanging on my door, I realized it left a big empty spot.  Previously, I had a small wreath hanging there but it had seen better days, so I tossed it right before Christmas.

I wanted something I could leave up year round. Wreaths are usually what adorn the doors here in New England, I have never made (decorated) a wreath before but I felt inspired. Since I live close to the water I thought a sea shell theme would work. The shells around here aren’t especially interesting, mostly oysters and mussels.  So, I purchased a bag of sea shells from the craft store along with a wreath. I forgot to measure how big I needed it (and I usually guess too small) but it worked fine.

Too my surprise it went fairly quickly.  Sort the shells, arrange (then rearrange) and finally hot glue them on.  I felt really pleased with the result.  I made the mistake of attaching one shell to close to the hanger; you can see it in the photo.  It eventually fell off.  But even with freezing temps and opening and closing the door (quite a bit), everything has stayed put.

It was easy and inexpensive – wreath, sea shells and hot glue.  It took about 30 minutes.  It’s a simple design but I like how it turned out.

I follow a blogger who regularly creates wreaths out of recycled and repurposed materials.   Her creations are lovely and worth a look.  You can find her at The Boondocks Blog,

After I had finished and proudly hung my creation my husband mentioned to me that he heard that scallop shells once symbolized the voice of God or hearing from God.  Awesome.  Now I like my simple wreath even more.