My granddaughter loves books.  This is something I am very happy to encourage. However, most of the children’s books in my house didn’t make it to my kids adulthood.  They were either a favorite, which meant the cover fell off and the pages fell out or they were torn and tattered by less than careful offspring.  So, I needed to restock my house with children’s books.  Being the dutiful, but frugal grandma that I am, I set out to find some bargain books for my granddaughter.

These are my top stops when looking for inexpensive children’s books.

  • Tag sales (also known as Garage Sales) – you can find some good buys, but it can be time consuming. Unless of course, you are a tag sale junkie, in which case you will love the hunt!
  • Thrift stores – places like Goodwill and Savers usually have a stock of kids’ books at very reasonable prices.
  • Dollar stores – this is especially good for baby cardboard books which usually come packaged 2 or 3 for a dollar
  • The local library – this is my absolute favorite and my ‘go to’ place for used children’s books.  Many town libraries have an annual book sale and you can pick up a large stack of children’s books for a couple of dollars.  My library has a permanent sale. You choose books from the shelves set up in the corner and then deposit your quarters or dollars into the can hanging on the wall. It’s fun to sort through their assortment every few weeks to see if you can find a gem or two.resize-books

I have acquired a nice selection, from books on dump trucks and airplanes to Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh.  Occasionally my granddaughter is allowed to “check out” books from grandma’s house and take them home. But she has to remember to bring them back.  Her mom helps with that.


Do you keep a stash of children’s books at your house?

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