For our granddaughters third birthday we decided to get her a play kitchen.  I did some research, read reviews, chose one and then got my DIL’s approval before buying it (I learned my lesson with Dora).   The box arrived via UPS on a snowy morning. kitchen5I felt bad for the UPS guy, so I met him on the porch to retrieve the package.  He told me it weighed 70 something pounds (wow) and insisted on setting it inside for me.  He was probably afraid I would drop it! It was very nice of him though.  I had read online that assembly was taking up to 5 hours. Humph…I figured my hubby (grandpa) could do it in 2 hours or less.  Still, I had a tiny nagging feeling (you know the kind you get sometimes but choose to ignore), I decided we should allow a little extra time and assemble it on a Sunday afternoon. I say “we and us” very loosely because my husband was the one putting it together.

Armed with a handful of tools and a box cutter, he opened the box.  There were SO MANY PIECES and SO MUCH HARDWARE. Oops, I may have under estimated the time involved to put it together.  Grandpa is a trooper and got to work right away, hardly a grumble.  An hour passes, another hour passes….he hasn’t even gotten to the main frame yet.  It was like building IKEA furniture, only on steroids – page after page of instructional illustrations.   Right after hour 3 he was ready to assemble the carcass.  This is when I decided to give him a hand.  He was very gracious when, in my over enthusiasm to be finished, I accidentalkitchen4y flipped a page ahead, which caused me to put something together out of order. The graciousness came in because he had to disassemble what I had done in order to fix it and continue the build. Sigh….  After that, I just handed him the hardware he asked for.  Hour 4 ½, the kitchen is finished, moved into place and adorable.kitchen3

My granddaughter only saw the kitchen partially done before she went to a friend’s birthday party.  She did seem excited.  When she returned home, the kitchen was done but we had already left.  Bummer, right?kitchen2

I was told she took one look at her new kitchen, picked up the play phone (hanging on the wall in her new kitchen) called her grandpa and told him “thank you for my kitchen”.  Awwww…that was worth it.


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