There I was, innocently boarding the Metrorail in Washington DC.  We had decided to take the yellow line or maybe it was the blue line, to have breakfast at a popular waffle house across from Ford’s Theater.  We had to take two different trains to get there and this was the second one. The first ride went very smoothly, there were just a few people and plenty of open seating.  That was not the case with the second train.  It was fairly packed.  There were no empty seats.  This was not a big deal.  I have ridden the subway in New York City, I understand about grabbing the overhead rail and hanging on. Why I decided to forget all that when I did, I don’t know.

I boarded the train, following my husband who was carrying the toddler.  Looking back it would have been much better to keep her in the stroller while we were dealing with getting on and off the train.  Lessons learned.  Anyway, I moved over next to him when my granddaughter suddenly decided she wanted me to hold her.  Of course, being the good grandmother that I am, I reached out to take her.  At that moment, the train decided to lurch forward at full speed.  I wasn’t holding on to the hand rail above my head or anything else, except my granddaughter.  Before I could stop myself, I stumbled backwards and landed in a young man’s lap!  I jumped up as fast as I could, moved a tiny bit away (it was crowed) and made my red faced apologizes, several times.  He was very kind and gracious but I guess the man sitting next to him had experienced quite enough, because he jumped up and disappeared.  His departure left an open seat, which I quickly took, carefully avoiding any eye contact with the victim sitting next to me.  Thankfully, the train ride only lasted a few minutes but it felt like forever.

Meanwhile, my oldest son was trying not to giggle.  He couldn’t wait to get off the train to retell the whole scene from his perspective.  His biggest regret was that he didn’t get it on film!  A few days later we were exiting the Metrorail station when my son pointed out this sign.


It’s going to be a while before I live this story down!

What embarrassing moments have you experienced while on travel with your family?